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Entrepreneur specializing in Global Mobility, Business Development, & Coaching
Ever since I can remember, I’ve been driven to help people to discover their inner-strength, and to ignite a passion within them to want to achieve more. For this reason, I started my first support group at 16 – helping my peers to deal with the growing pains of being a teenager! Leading those meetings gave me so much energy, that it became very clear to me, what road my life had to take.

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Unstoppable! – Business Coaching

Why should your hire a Business Coach? Even if you have an already existing business, which is going well, or if you are just starting out, there are always new opportunities, tools, and strategies that you can use to improve your business or to launch a new one.


As your Business Coach, through my Unstoppable! Program, I will be committed to your success through assisting you to development a strategy that will have as its core – a business plan that focuses on a three-year plan together with establishing long-term goals based on your business’ size, location, and ultimate final destination.


Being held accountable is one of the greatest aspects of working with a Business Coach. Sometimes, it’s difficult to be truly objective with yourself about your business, but as your Business Coach I will always tell you the truth, even if it’s not what you want to really hear.


As your Business Coach, I will also assist you to align your values and goals within your team, so that each person understands completely what is the mission of the company, and how each person’s role is important in maintaining this vision.


Reasons to work with a Business Coach

  • Brainstorm to produce brilliant ideas
  • You get to go outside your comfort zone
  • One-to-one attention with someone who knows your business
  • You will have impartial input from someone who tells it as it is
  • You will be taught how to turn ideas into reality
  • Networking opportunities will increase as your Business Coach guides you
  • Prosperity will increase due to the implementation of focused strategies
  • Increased self-esteem due to the positive results achieved
  • Improved effectiveness in getting your message across
  • Development of your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)


Business Coaching is essentially a professional development process, which focuses on action and changes in behavior that will allow you to take your business to the next level through commitment, strategic planning, and goalsetting. It doesn’t matter where you live or work. Business coaching sessions are normally conducted over the telephone or by Skype at pre-arranged times, so geographical limitations don’t exist.


Social Media

One of my specialties is to help you to develop a congruent and effective Social Media strategy to build brand awareness and client loyalty. Social Media can no longer be ignored when it comes to growing your business – through Social Media, you can gain valuable insight and feedback from your clients though consistent interaction, covert leads more effectively, increase website traffic, share content in blink of an eye, and build long-lasting relationships. Social Media is the ultimate tool for business development in today’s business market.