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Ever since I can remember, I’ve been driven to help people to discover their inner-strength, and to ignite a passion within them to want to achieve more. For this reason, I started my first support group at 16 – helping my peers to deal with the growing pains of being a teenager! Leading those meetings gave me so much energy, that it became very clear to me, what road my life had to take.

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How to Live & Work Successfully in Italy!


Back in 1990, when I first presented How to Live & Work Successfully in Italy, the landscape in Italy with regards to Visas, job opportunities, and housing was a very different country. For this reason, the event has been constantly updated throughout the years to reflect new changes in the law, to incorporate the influence of technology and online careers, as well as to examine how the social fabric of Italy has changed recently.


This in-depth event will walk you through all the major aspects of living and working successfully in Italy, which will include:


Visas and Other Permits


Unless you are relocating to Italy as part of an intracompany transfer, or you are an EU citizen, you will need a work permit to live and work legally in Italy. This portion of the event will cover all the legal aspects such as: applying for a Tax Code, obtaining a work permit & permit if stay, and registering in Italy at the Town Hall as a resident.


Opening a Business in Italy


Even though Italy is not promoted internationally as a vibrant market in which to invest and to do business, mainly due to its reputation for byzantine bureaucracy, high taxation, and an oppressive labor market, Italy offers a lot of excellent opportunities in such fields as tourism, renewable energy, IT, apparel, food, and high-end real estate. This segment is dedicated to explaining all the necessary steps one will need to take in opening and running a business in Italy.


Understanding the Housing Market


The housing market in Italy is very different from other markets and many aspects of it often surprise foreigners relocating here. To fully understand how it works, and to avoid any unpleasant surprises, this segment will examine all the major points with regards to renting or buying a house in Italy. The housing market in Italy can be quite complicated for foreigners at times, so participants during this part of the event will gain a lot of valuable information with regards to being a renter or buyer.


The Job Market


Even though the press in Italy is filled with gloom and doom, the fact of the matter is, there are jobs available in Italy. This segment will look at how to best find a job in Italy and how to network to get the best results possible. Working for yourself as a freelance consultant will also be looked at and how to source a savvy accountant so that your business is managed and followed to give you peace of mind.


What Can You Expect to Get from This Event?


  • Up-to-date and invaluable guidance
  • In-depth overview of the nuances of the housing market
  • Tried and tested techniques for thriving in Italy
  • Honest feedback & input to lead you to success


Whether it has been your dream to move to live in Italy for a lifetime, or if you are moving here for another reason, this event will prepare you for the move in the best way possible. Planning your permanent move to Italy will ensure that your relocation to Italy will go as smoothly as possible and this event will give you all the necessary tools and information to hit the road running!


For more information and to reserve your place please call +39.339.3332547 or write to inquiry@damienofarrell.com

Date: Saturday April 14, 2018

Time: 9.00 – 18.00

Location: Rome, Italy

Cost: €150,00 (including lunch)