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Entrepreneur specializing in Global Mobility, Business Development, & Coaching
Ever since I can remember, I’ve been driven to help people to discover their inner-strength, and to ignite a passion within them to want to achieve more. For this reason, I started my first support group at 16 – helping my peers to deal with the growing pains of being a teenager! Leading those meetings gave me so much energy, that it became very clear to me, what road my life had to take.

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Global Mobility Services

Whether you are a company relocating an employee, or an individual moving abroad, one of the most important players in the process is the Destination Service Provider (DSP) – the local company that will provide the destination and immigration services.


Throughout my career, I have had to opportunity to work with some of the world’s finest Destination Service Providers. These companies have been completely vetted through thorough due diligence and are managed and staffed by tenured professionals. These partners completely understand the importance of an eye for detail, provide programs that best fit the local market, and most of all, the importance of having the person or family relocating set up in the new destination as soon as possible.


Destination Services

Once it has bene established who is relocating, I will carry out a comprehensive needs analysis to determine the most appropriate relocation program for the individual or family, along with indicating who would be the best fit as the DSP in the local market. Relocation services that can be provided include:

  • Preview Trip
  • Home Finding
  • School Search
  • Settling In Services
  • Furniture Rental
  • Removal Services
  • Language Courses
  • Cross Cultural and Spousal Support


Immigration Services

Being compliant in the new destination is paramount if you want to avoid any legal issues and complications. I will carry out a complete assessment of what is required by the individual or family to live and work legally in the new destination. Based on this information, I will suggest the most appropriate course of action regarding the immigration compliance and which DSP can best provide the service locally. Immigration services that can be provided include:

  • Entry Visa
  • Work Permit
  • Permit of Stay
  • Town Hall Registration
  • Legalizations
  • Translations



Whether you are an individual seeking a second citizenship through ancestry, or through various investment programs available in such countries as Malta, I will guide you through the entire process and introduce you to the most appropriate partner who can successfully assist you in completing your application. Citizenship services that can be provided include:

  • Full Citizenship Application
  • Document Procurement
  • Legalizations
  • Translations
  • Passport Pickup