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What is Town Hall Registration in Italy and Why Do You Need It

Damien O'Farrell | Entrepreneur, Business, Life and Expat CoachBlog What is Town Hall Registration in Italy and Why Do You Need It

What is Town Hall Registration in Italy and Why Do You Need It

Regardless of whether you are an EU or a Non-EU citizen, if you are planning on living in Italy full-time, you will need to register at the Town Hall as a resident where you live. This is a vital step in your Italian immigration process and is required to keep you compliant while living here.


How to register


Depending on where you live, you may need to make an appointment to register, or in other cases, you can simply show up with all the required documents. Some Town Halls will also allow EU citizens to register remotely by sending all the necessary documentation by email.


List of required documents


Before actually going to register at the Town Hall, it is a good idea to call ahead and ask them for the list of documents that you will need to bring with you. Even though Italy has national immigration laws, these can be interpreted differently from city to city, and even from office to office! Therefore, it will behoove you to get the list that your Town Hall requires ahead of your visit to register.


The following is the list of documents that the Town Hall generally requires to register a foreigner:


  • Passport for each family member along with photocopies of the ID pages
  • Support Letter on headed notepaper issued by the worker’s company and signed by the local Human Resources manager.
  • Copy of Work Permit and Permit of Stay (This applies only to Non-EU)
  • Copy of registered lease contract
  • Copies of the lasted two pay slips
  • Italian Tax Code for each family member
  • S1 form for EU citizens – this must be obtained before coming to Italy
  • Certified and legalized copies of any other documents required such as marriage or birth certificates
  • If required, translated and legalized letter confirming private medical insurance, issued by the carrier


Again, please note that this list may vary from one Town Hall to another. In the case of EU citizens that are not employees, the Town Hall has the right to ask for proof of economic self-sufficiency.


Why to do need to register at the Town Hall?


Apart from the fact that it is needed for compliancy, registering at the Town Hall is also mandatory to be able to carry out the following:


  • Health Care Registration (ASL) – You cannot register for the Italian Health Care Service until you are registered as a resident in Italy.
  • Car Purchase / Importation – Neither can be completed until you are a resident.
  • Bank Account – You can only get a fully functioning bank account once you have become an Italian resident.
  • Italian ID Card – This can only be applied for once you are registered at the Town Hall.
  • Driving License – You cannot exchange your license or get an Italian one until you are a resident.


Should you have any question regarding Town Hall registration, please feel free to contact me.


  • Melanie

    Are the rules different for someone here on a student permesso?

    • Damien

      Individuals on a Student Permit of Stay normally don’t register, but if you can supply the documents required by your Town Hall, you can register.

  • Mary

    Will the Town Hall ask proof of economic sufficiency from a dual citizen holding a valid Italian Passport and moving to Italy to establish permanent residency? And possibly work contracts. But say there’s no job at first, can this person still spply for residency, ID Card, and health card without proof of economic aufficiency?

      • Mary

        Thank You for your help Damien.