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Entrepreneur specializing in Global Mobility, Business Development, & Coaching
Ever since I can remember, I’ve been driven to help people to discover their inner-strength, and to ignite a passion within them to want to achieve more. For this reason, I started my first support group at 16 – helping my peers to deal with the growing pains of being a teenager! Leading those meetings gave me so much energy, that it became very clear to me, what road my life had to take.

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Coaching Programs

Damien O’Farrell provides top-notch personal, business, and expatriate coaching programs that focus on being efficient, results oriented, and cost effective.

Expatriate Coaching

Many people come to live and work in Italy each year, either as the spouse of an employee sent on assignment, or they are fulfilling a lifelong dream of living here. In either case, the transition is not always without its challenges.

Life Coaching

Life coaching is sometimes confused with consulting or counseling, but it’s really something very different. The purpose of life coaching is to help people live they life they want, whether that means getting a new job, starting a new business, or simply having less stress and more fun.

Business Coaching

Why should your hire a Business Coach? Even if you have an already existing business, which is going well, or if you are just starting out, there are always new opportunities, tools, and strategies that you can use to improve your business or to launch a new one.

Global Mobility

Productive and positive assignments come only when you align the best Global Mobility programs with the most competent partners to deliver them.

HR Counsel

Funding an overseas assignment for an employee can be very expensive for a company, therefore it is vital that the right program is given to the most appropriate candidate.

Global Mobility Services

Whether you are a company relocating an employee, or an individual moving abroad, one of the most important players in the process is the Destination Service Provider (DSP) – the local company that will provide the destination and immigration services.

Business Development

Whether you already have a presence in a country, or if you would like to simply develop business in a specific country, I can assist you completely though my Business Development Program with every aspect of successfully running a business overseas.

Take the Challenge Today!

Whether you are an individual, employee, or company wishing to take things to the level. Let’s work together in setting goals and creating strategies that will challenge you and allow you to achieve amazing results.